WHAT'S UP? (07/12/2013) 19:00

Showcase to present the album "What's up? Women of the Beat Generation" by Jean-Marc Montera.

The women of the Beat Generation were oustanding personalities with a strong energy, sensitive, tormented, inspired, intelligent and independent, eager for encounters, affairs and exchange. The 50s and 60s were favourable to this: it was an era of mutual curiosity and dialogue. Released on the Signature label (Radio France) in October 2013, this "rock" album has no other pretence but to give a voice to some of these women. Composer and guitarist Jean-Marc Montera, a specialist of free improvisation and experimentation, presents his original compositions after poems by Anne Waldman, Ruth Weiss, Janine Pommy Vega and Hettie Jones, performing solo or in various ensembles with guest musicians.

Jean-Marc Montera: guitars 
Sophie Gonthier: guitar, voice
Fanny Paccoud: alto
Ahmad Compaoré: drums

FEE: admission free (yearly membership 1€)

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