What's up? (Jean-Marc Montera)

« Women's writings - unrestrained - without false modesty. Only words spoken from the most rightful place: the one that sets a milestone when life begins. We mainly know the male authors and actors of the Beat Generation, standard bearers of a movement in which participated and around which gravitated yet many female writers. This album, born of the reading of the book by Brenda Knight "Women of the Beat Generation" and my encounter with Jacqueline Starer, has no other pretence but to give a voice, a sound to some of these women: Anne Waldman, Hettie Jones, Janine Pommy Vega and ruth weiss. This project could only be the result of encounters. With the exception of AMP, most of the guest musicians had never performed together before and have discovered the works on the very day of the recording session which took place in accordance with the classical methods of improvisation: one take and no re-recording. No other approach seemed to me more suited to this sensitive writing, sometimes rough, always uncompromising, founding poetics of everyday life which remain for us to survey. »
Jean-Marc Montera

CD1 :
01. Drum Song - Janine Pommy Vega
02. Word - Hettie Jones *
03. Women in Black - Hettie Jones *
04. The Lie - Anne Waldman
05. 2009 - Ruth Weiss *
06. Teddy Bears - Hettie Jones
07. 1967 - Ruth Weiss *
08. Number Song 1 - Anne Waldman

CD2 :
01. Jazz - Hettie Jones *
02. Anna Marie - Ruth Weiss
03. House Bound - Janine Pommy Vega *
04. Two Hearts - Anne Waldman
05. Living on Air - Hettie Jones *
06. Train Song - Ruth Weiss
07. Sunrise Blue - Janine Pommy Vega
08. Number Song 2 - Anne Waldman

Sophie Gonthier (voice), Fanny Paccoud (alto), Ernie Brooks (bass), Ahmad Compaoré (drums) *, Lee Ranaldo (guitar), Jean-François Pauvros (guitar), Noël Akchoté (guitar), Jean-Marc Montera (guitar).

Radio France (Paris)

Sound engineer:
Pierre Monteil

Mixing, editing, mastering:
Régis Nicolas

Double CD / SIG11086.87
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