Mighty Risen Plea

Ce projet a été conçu en mai 1990 afin de collecter des fonds pour la recherche, le traitement et l'éducation face au virus du SIDA.

LP1 :
A1. Jarboe - The Believers   
A2. Bruce Hampton & Ricky Keller - The Pope and One   
A3. PVC Precinct - The Last One   
A4. Wisconsin Conservatory of Noise - Rhythmatic Viruskus   
A5. Borbetomagus - Untitled   
A6. Randy Greif - Their Way of Dreaming   

B1. Crawling With Tarts - A. 7.6.90 (I) VII / B. 7.6.90 (I) IX   
B2. Shaking Ray Levis & Jack Wright - Sssshikepoke   
B3. Fred Frith - Mirror / Dark as a Match *  
B4. Hakim Bey & Sue Ann Harkey - Kop Kulture 

C1. Tinnitus - Do-deca-hedral   
C2. Kerry Wendell Thornley - April 4th is Arthur Murray's Birthday   
C3. Accidents Of Culture - Better than None   
C4. Logos Duo - Instant Composition on African Fiddle from Mali   
C5. Murray Reams - Guitar Elegy   
C6. Crippled Hippo - Soundtrack   
C7. Dick Robinson - MLK   
D1. City Of Lindas - Terrible Man   
D2. The Jody Grind - One Man's Trash (Is Another Man's Treasure)   
D3. Nerve Clinic - Leper   
D4. Neon Christ - Neon Christ   
D5. Moe Tucker - Too Shy   
D6. I See The Moon - The Game   
D7. Mofungo - Song about AIDS

Double LP, compilation / SF 01
© 1991 - Sacred Frame Records (USA)