Japanoise event.

JEAN-LOUIS COSTES (Japanese opera // Paris)
Singer-performer, his trashy and expressionist style is immediately recognizable. Jean-Louis Costes will present in Marseilles his porno-social opera « RABUCHIGAI », a show in Japanese language which he toured in Japan in April 2014. It will be the only performance in Europe of this opera that mixes songs and actions on a musical score swinging between pop and noise. Obscenity and violence combined with romanticism and mysticism. Not to be missed!

OFFSEASON (Japanoise // Tokyo) + PAKITO BOLINO (Noise guitar // Marseilles)
In the spring of 2007, Hiko from GAUZE, Atsuhiro Ito from OPTRUM and Kuro Pipe from KURO PIPE created the band OFFSEASON. Although they refuse to be labelled in any musical genre, their concept lead to an extremely singular acoustic space: swift and unexpected changes, continuous production of pulsations and melodies delivered through deafening and blinding bursts, created by the huge amount of heat produced by OFFSEASON.

TAKASHI NEMOTO (Audio-visual DJ set // Tokyo) + YUICHI KISHINO (Music, dance // Tokyo) + SEKITANI (VJing // Tokyo)
Musician, actor, comedian, art critic and teacher based in Tokyo, Takashi Nemoto also performs as "The Moustached Widow".

IMIRI SAKABASHIRA (Guitar, machines // Japan) + AHMAD COMPAORÉ (Drums // Marseilles)
Imiri Sakabashira, whose real name is Mochizuki Katsuhiro, was born in 1964 in Shizuoka (Japan) and contributed to the magazine Garo, the cult underground periodical. Avant-garde mangaka and illustrator, he is often described as an alternative and surrealist artist. He works for the record industry creating album covers, as well as for fashion and comics. His stories are published in Vice (USA, Europe), GekkanAfternoon (Japan) and shortly at Cornélius.

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