SEMBADOU (04/05/2013) 21:00

Concert afrobeat from Burkina Faso.

Coming from a family of griots, Seydou Barro, known as Sembadou, is the songwriter and composer of the album « Land of upright people » released in 2008 in Burkina Faso on the Renge Production label. A multi-instrumentalist, he draws his inspiration from the traditional music of his own Dafing ethnic group, from Mandika music and reggae to create a personal style with afrobeat overtones. With his voice both dark and soft, Sembadou sings the praises of his country: peace, democracy, travels, youth, orphans, hope and love.

Seydou Barro: guitar, voice
Jean-Christophe Berthet: bass
Ahmad Compaoré: drums, percussion

FEE: 5€ + 2,50€ membership

Tel: +33 (0)6 76 36 87 38 (Momo)

More info: here

Kaloum, 3 rue de l'Arc, 13001 Marseilles.