LONG NIGHT OF MUSEUMS (16/05/2015) 21:15

Improvised music performance as part of the "Long Night of Museums".

It is in the Greek room at the MAM (Museum of Mediterranean Archeology), in close proximity to the exhibition "Extraordinary journeys. When gods and heroes travelled the world", that Jean-Marc Montera, guitarist and artistic director of the GRIM, along with percussionist Ahmad Compaoré and singer Sophie Gonthier, will improvise on the mythological figure of Europa: Zeus, charmed by the beautiful Phoenician princess peacefully playing with her friends in a meadow, decides to turn himself into a bull to abduct her gently. Won over by this attractive white bull, Europa climbs on his back and crosses the sea to reach Crete and unite with the God. At the crossroads of oriental, classical and rock influences, an experimental journey at the heart of antique sounds...

Jean-Marc Montera: guitars, objects
Sophie Gonthier: voice, electronics
Ahmad Compaoré: drums, percussion, sampler

Programme of the event:
19:00: Conference in the Greek and Egypt room
20:30: "The abduction of Europa", focus on a Phoenician princess
21:15: Improvised music performance

FEE: admission free

Tel: +33 (0)4 91 14 58 59 / 62

More info: MAM / Night of Museums

Centre de la Vieille Charité, 2 rue de la Charité, 13002 Marseilles.