NAFAS (06/07/2014) 21:00

Dinner-concert as part of the event "Jazz on the Beach" proposed by Henri Fiore.

NAFAS means « breath » in literary Arabic : vital breath, it is the force that nurtures, inspires and creates. Ahmad Compaoré, Fred Pichot and Sylvain Terminiello have imagined an eclectic and mixed present-day music, transcending cultures and social belonging. Between world and jazz fusion, their repertoire travels along the shores of the Mediterranean mixing oriental, African, Spanish-Arabic or klezmer influences, sustained by improvisation and spiced up with a touch of electro.

Ahmad Compaoré: drums, percussion
Fred Pichot: saxophones, flute, machines
Sylvain Terminiello: bass

FEE: 30€ (dinner + concert)

Booking: +33 (0)6 09 53 40 41 (Henri) / +33 (0)4 91 77 66 89

Chez Marco, Anse du Prophète, 327 Corniche Kennedy, 13007 Marseilles.