MARSEILLE LABO BAND @ Festival Nuit d'Hiver (12/12/2015) 20:30

Live performance of the musical workshop carried out as part of the "Nuit d'Hiver #13" festival.

On the programme: Christian Wolff - Stones (1969), John Cage - Four 6 (1992) and Pablo Cueco (proposal of improvisation about the text "The birth of Gargantua" by François Rabelais).

This workshop live performance presents several approaches to improvisation around guitarist Jean-Marc Montera. Whether it deals with improvisation linked to non-determination in "Four 6" by John Cage, the result of poetic gesture free from constraints in "Stones" (a sound piece for stones and other pebbles) or the work of improvisation proposed by Pablo Cueco on "The birth of Gargantua", the MARSEILLE LABO BAND develops a collective work directed by Jean-Marc Montera, with the complicity of Pablo Cueco.

Muriel Braconnier: voice
Ahmad Compaoré: drums
Nicolas Debade: piano
Elviro: guitar
David Gauthié: drums
Laure Latronche: voice
Clémence Marin: voice, violin
Anne Morata: voice, flute
Lionel Stora: Chinese violin
Bruno Van Calster: guitar


FEE: 9€ / 7€

Tel: +33 (0)4 91 04 69 59 /

More info: here

GRIM Montévidéo, 3 impasse Montévidéo, 13006 Marseilles.