LOOKIN' OUT @ Les Journées Folles (19/09/2015) 20:00

Rock fusion concert as part of the "Les Journées Folles" festival.

An event organised by C.A.T.T.P Lou Blaï of the Centre Hospitalier Edouard Toulouse, in partnership with the Théâtre Toursky.

Between artistic madness and crazy art, the aim is to promote art and culture as factors for social link and special means to fight against exclusion. Through gathering, through artistic creation, through reflexion, differences can be overcome. Thus, on the Toursky's stage, artists will meet people who have gone through difficult moments in their lives. Theatre, cinema, dance, music and lectures will form the coloured and living fabric of this festival.

LOOKIN' OUT travels through the history of music, moving with an incredible skill from jazz to funk, from blues to rock, from punk to noise music. The trio takes over various genres and updates them in order to elaborate a sound ping-pong where rather furious guitar riffs meet the earth-shattering strikes of the drums, sustained by a metallic hardcore bass. The encounter between three music fanatics, outstanding improvisers in constant motion.

Ahmad Compaoré: drums
Aurélien Arnoux: electric guitar
Maïeul Clairefond: electric bass

FEE: 10€ / 3€

Booking: +33 (0)4 96 13 04 70 / loublaifestival@gmail.com

More info: ici

Théâtre Toursky, 16 passage Léo Ferré, 13003 Marseilles.