IN C + ET TOURNENT LES SONS... @ Nuit d'Hiver (21/12/2014) 17:30

Live performance of the musical practise workshop carried out as part of the "Nuit d'Hiver #12" festival.

The workshop participants have worked on two pieces representative of minimal and phase music, which will be performed to end the 2014 edition of the festival.

"In C" remains the best known work by Terry Riley. Composed in 1964, it draws its inspiration from Indian classical music and its forms of repetitive raga. Here, 53 patterns are given to the musicians, to be played in order with a number of repetitions left at the discretion of each performer.

"Et Tournent les Sons dans la Garrigue" is a mixed piece for an undefined ensemble of musicians, interacting with the tape composed by Luc Ferrari. This work dating from 1977 gives almost total freedom of rendition to each instrumentalist. It is an ode to rest and nature where roaming, caress and sensuality tend to be expressed.

Workshop carried out by Pablo Cueco: musical conduction / Mirtha Pozzi: percussion / Ahmad Compaoré: percussion / Jean-Marc Montera: guitar.

Laure Bonomo: violin
Muriel Braconnier: voice
Lucia Cervini: electronic organ
Rachel Chen: violin
Nicolas Debade: electronic organ
Elviro: voice
David Gauthié: drums
Juliano Lacave: guitar
Laure Latronche: voice
Sylvain Massaïa: bass
Anne Morata: voice, transverse flute
Marianne Suner: accordion

FEE: admission free

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