HAKIM HAMADOUCHE (28/04/2018) 19:30

Carte blanche to Hakim Hamadouche for 2 exceptional concerts.

Hakim Hamadouche is the man who has been playing the electric mandolute behind Rachid Taha for years. A veteran of Marseilles musical venues, Hamadouche is not only an exceptional partner (Têtes Raides, Tricky): a mandolute virtuoso, an efficient singer, he also knows how to restyle the musical traditions of his country of origin, Algeria, explore mixed zones - as with Oriental Fusion, group created with percussionnist Ahmad Compaoré and saxophonist Edmond Hosdikian -, or leave in endless improvisations with other musical pirates such as Sam Karpienia. A punk spirit for rebel musics.
Gilles Rof - Télérama

Hakim Hamadouche: mandolute, vocals
Ahmad Compaoré: drums
Ed Hosdikian: saxophone
Manu Théron: vocals
David Lafore: vocals

FEE: 12€

Tel: +33 (0)4 91 50 11 61

More info: here

La Mesón, 52 rue Consolat, 13001 Marseilles.