HAKIM HAMADOUCHE TRIO (31/03/2017) 20:30

Chaabi & improvisation concert.

Created in 1995 in Marseilles under the name ORIENTAL FUSION, the trio was born of the will to gather energetic and spontaneous individualities around their oriental roots: Algeria, Egypt and Armenia. Three traditions, three exiles, three sensibilities which hold a musical dialogue led by Hakim Hamadouche's Arab-Andalusian singing to conceive a glowing music between free jazz, punk rock and Chaabi (Algerian blues), with great detours in improvisation. The coming together of these three cultures - at the crossroads of jazz, contemporary and ethnic music - led in 2000 to the album "Oriental Fusion" (Transes Européennes label) with artist featuring by Tom Cora and Barre Phillips, among others. Striking and powerful!

Hakim Hamadouche: mandolute, voice
Ahmad Compaoré: drums, percussion
Ed Hosdikian: saxophone

Website: www.musiquerebelle.com/hakim-hamadouche-trio

FEE: 10€ + 2€ yearly membership

Booking: +33 (0)6 25 47 01 55 (Agnès) / +33 (0)4 91 95 80 88 (POC)

Doors open at 19:30. Drinks and light catering on the premises.

More info: here

Galerie POC, 30 cours Joseph Thierry, 13001 Marseilles.