HAKIM HAMADOUCHE TRIO @ Festival Trois 6 Neuf (21/10/2016) 19:00 + 21:00

Chaabi & impro concert as part of the 11th edition of the "Trois 6 Neuf" festival.

For the past five years, in October and in May, the "Trois 6 Neuf" festival opens the doors of the Théâtre de l'Atalante to music. These heart-stoppers reflect nowadays' music. From October 20th to 22nd, this eleventh season thrives on Mediterranean sea sprays carried by winds coming from the Orient and Africa.

Already invited in the past for a memorable carte blanche, mandolute player Hakim Hamadouche is back as a trio, accompanied by Ahmad Compaoré, astonishing drummer of Egyptian-Burkinabé origins and Edmond Hosdikian, daring Armenian saxophonist. This power-trio of a new genre qualifies its inspired compositions of « improvised Chaabi », claiming both the torments of this popular music from the suburbs of Algiers that won over the Maghreb, and the unbridled spirit of improvisation as it is played in New-York's avant-garde clubs.

Hakim Hamadouche: mandolute, voice
Ahmad Compaoré: drums
Edmond Hosdikian: saxophone
Special guest - Bernard Abeille: double bass

FEE: 10€

Tel: +33 (0)1 46 06 11 90 / latalante.resa@gmail.com

More info: here

Théâtre de l'Atalante, 10 place Charles Dullin, 75018 Paris.