E.L.S.A. @ 48h Chrono (19/05/2012) 18:00

Performance as part of the "48h Chrono" week-end.

During 48 hours non-stop, from Friday 18th May 19:00 till Sunday 20th May 19:00, the Friche as seen by eRikm, artist-in-residence and virtuoso of sound arts. The result is a hybrid, unexpected and surprising proposition - taking place all around the Friche and suited to all ages - with performances, installations, exhibitions, concerts, workshops, games...

E.L.S.A. (Light Engine for Aerial Surveillance)
Reading performance by and with poet Manuel Joseph + live music + projection.

A proposal by Le Dernier Cri and La Boîte à Musique.

First of all, E.L.S.A. is a very small drone, fitted with an infrared camera and not heavier than a bottle of water, which could eventually equip the French national police responsible for the people's safety in order to keep towns, housing estates and sensitive areas under surveillance, from a proximity distance and at actual speed. Elsa did not appreciate that one used her name for such an experiment; so she sees red and sharpens another paperclip, for an ear whose eardrum she will burst... Elsa really reads red, sees red and the endorphin rises in her. Elsa bursts into laughter and coughs a little blood. Some of her blood. Not a good sign. Elsa is really starting to loose her temper...

Manuel Joseph: reading performance
Pakito Bolino: guitar, machines
Ahmad Compaoré: drums

FEE: free admission

Tel: +33 (0)4 95 04 95 04

More info: here

Friche La Belle de Mai, 41 rue Jobin, 13003 Marseilles.