DUO HOSDIKIAN & COMPAORÉ (30/03/2012) 21:00

Jazz concert as part of the exhibition of the works "Délires de mon imagination" by Henri Fiore.

Edmond Hosdikian is a musical chameleon, recognized as one of the most creative saxophonists of his generation, thanks to his obvious technique but most of all by his generosity and his vital need to share a true emotion. Musician of freedom, spirited drummer and percussionist Ahmad Compaoré explores the subtlety of rhythms with a trained hand, showing a near fusional mastery of the instruments he uses. This evening, they propose an interplanetary free jazz repertoire, totally improvised, for a dialogue both suave and unbridled.

Edmond Hosdikian: saxophone, larsenophone
Ahmad Compaoré: drums, percussions

FEE: upon invitation only

Tel: +33 (0)4 91 07 00 87

Rouge Belle de Mai, 47 rue Fortuné Jourdan, 13003 Marseilles.