Double bill jazz concert.


Improvised music in every sense, sustained by numerous influences and a rhythmic bond, that these two musicians with a singular background have developed over the years through musical experiences together. Unclassifiable, contemporary sounds, Oriental rhythms, gentle touch on the strings, scratching on the drumheads, haunting melodies, supercharged percussion... The encounter between different identities, cultures and easthetics truly makes all the richness of Jazz.

Ahmad Compaoré: drums, percussion
Vincent Laju: cello, double bass


An inventive duet between two young musicians, the oboe or the saxophone and the accordion meet for an unlikely union. An unnatural combination? No, a mix of cultures where classical music blends with popular folk. You will find jazz, tango, old melodies which remind us that all this is just music: the universal language. At each moment emotion is there, the two players' various journeys emerge under their agile fingers. An executed dance step and a song from Paris, a frenzied waltz and the breaking point occurs. One could be anywhere, in the private rooms of Salzburg, the bars of Paris, the clubs of Ljubljana, the restaurants of a Savoie resort... Everything is in place for a moment of sharing and togetherness where anyone can recall and feel like travelling far away.

Jonathan Mauch: saxophone, oboe
Maxime Perrin: accordion

Doors open at 19:30. Food and drinks available on the premises.

FEE: 10€ + 3€ membership

Booking: +33 (0)6 09 53 40 41 (Henri) / +33 (0)6 25 47 01 55 (Agnès)

More info: here

Le JAM, 42 rue des Trois Rois, 13006 Marseilles.