CAMEL ZEKRI DIWAN (05/10/2016) 20:30

Jazz & traditional music concert.

It is precisely within the Diwan of Biskra that Camel Zekri learnt music. Biskra, an oasis in southern Algeria, melting pot of fraternization. Throughout the years, the Diwan repertoire has greatly evolved following the mixing between the Arab, Berber and African nomadic populations. Camel Zekri has introduced the guitar as well as new orchestrations into the traditional Gnawa repertoire. A brass section (trombone, saxophone, trumpet), an electric bass, bagpipes and drums accompany the new corpus - sung and danced - which amplifies the Diwan repertoire.

The Diwan refers to a ceremony based on the number seven: seven rhythms, seven dances, seven types of incense, seven outfit colours... Sacred and profane singing, it is through music and dance that the ascent to the spirit world occurs.

Camel Zekri: artistic direction, guitar, voice
Okba Soudani: voice, percussion, bagpipes
Karim Ben Belkheir: voice, percussion, bagpipes
Aïssa Zekri: voice, percussion
Ahmad Compaoré: drums
Loya: DJ, electronics
Jérôme Lacquet: trumpet
Ilyan Zekri: saxophone
Jules Lefrançois: trombone

FEE: 21€ / 16€ / 10€

Tel: +33 (0)5 55 26 99 10

More info: here

Les Sept Collines, 8 quai de la République, 19000 Tulle.