AHMAD COMPAORÉ SOLO (08/02/2013) 17:00

"Provençal Celebrations and Traditions" movie & live music performance as part of the "Rendez-vous d'Archives".

Cinémémoire and the regional documentation service of the Alcazar present a scheduling of rare or previously unseen footage coming from the collection of the Provence audio-visual archive network. Over the 2013 season, the Rendez-vous d'Archives will propose a cycle of silent movies combined with live music performances.

The Provençal celebrations and traditions gather various enduring customs still to be found throughout or in many areas of the Provence region. These traditions - whether clothing, religious, pagan, sporty, culinary, historical or folk - are the original manifestation of a popular expression which asserts the identity of each village through its rites and customs : Aix and Nice carnivals, "bravade" in Saint-Tropez, feast of Saint Eloi, dance of ribbons... This film represents the Provence throughout the ages, selecting images of timeless celebrations in the archives from the 1920s to the 1980s.

Specially designed to accompany these footage, the music by drummer and percussionist Ahmad Compaoré creates a magical and improvised live connection with the screen in a dynamics of experimental performance.

Ahmad Compaoré: drums, percussion, sampler
Film editing and production by Claude Bossion.

FEE: free admission

Tel: +33 (0)4 91 62 46 30 / +33 (0)4 91 55 90 00

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BMVR Alcazar, Salle de conférence, 58 cours Belsunce, 13001 Marseilles.