AHMAD COMPAORÉ SOLO @ Festival POC (07/10/2012) 15:00

Musical performance as part of the 7th edition of the "Portes Ouvertes Consolat" festival.

The association POC has imagined encounters between performing artists and exhibiting visual artists which would lead to moments of live performance during the festival. The occasion for drummer Ahmad Compaoré to share his sensibility and to create a special performance to be shown in 2 spots over that week-end.

FEE: free admission
Enquiries: +33 (0)4 91 95 80 88
More info: here

> 15:00
Ahmad Compaoré welcomes you for a solo musical interlude (drums, percussions, objects and sampler) designed in connection with the photograph exhibition by Marc Boucherot about Marrakech. Like this city at the crossroads between the Maghreb and the Orient, the percussion instruments recall poetic images - mixing tradition and modernity, folk and spirituality - to subtly express all the emotion of an ancestral music.

Nour d'Egypte, 10 rue Bernex, 13001 Marseilles / Tel: +33 (0)9 80 63 06 56.

> 18:00
Ahmad Compaoré will participate in the closing jam session to take place outside the Galerie Andiamo. A friendly improvised scene gathering various musicians and artists: Ahmad Compaoré (percussions), Adila Carles (lyrical singing), Fred Buram (sax), Emmanuel Cremer (cello), Bertrand Daurat (double bass), Joos (beatbox), Aïssa Mallouk (spoken word), Iraka (slam), Guillaume Garrone (electro), Sarah Moha (contemporary dance and flamenco).

Galerie Andiamo, 30 cours Joseph Thierry, 13001 Marseilles / Tel: +33 (0)4 91 95 80 88.