AHMAD COMPAORÉ & RÉMI ABRAM [Postponed] (16/12/2015) 20:30

Jazz concert co-staging Akosh S. & Sylvain Darrifourcq.

/// Concert cancelled for technical reasons and postponed until 2016. For all the persons who have already bought their tickets, they can:
- Either use them during the date adjournment.
- Either get a refund in the dedicated points of sale.

One common trait between these two exceptional musicians: jazz. But it would be simplistic to restrict them to this single style, so eclectic is their respective background. African, oriental, Caribbean or bebop influences subtly mix up to create a unique and colourful repertoire, with great detours in improvisation and free jazz exploring the legacy of John Coltrane and Miles Davis. An explosive duo not to be missed...!

Ahmad Compaoré: drums, percussion, sampler
Rémi Abram: soprano & tenor saxophones

FEE: 9€ / 12€ / 15€

Tel: +33 (0)4 93 06 29 90

More info: here

MJC Picaud/La Tangente, 23 avenue du Dr Picaud, 06400 Cannes.