LES NONOS FONT LEUR SHOW ! (15/08/2015) 21:00

Off-the-wall variety show.

Having become a must-see performance, this great moment of musical frenzy where the NoNo spirit prevails, is programmed for the third season upon the request of the audience, and for the great pleasure of its aficionados. Based on a selection of international pop-rock music hits, covered and reorchestrated, it is reinvented this year around new musical proposals and some essential chosen pieces. Jazz musicians, contemporary music performers, lyric and pop singers as well as actors from the NoNo theater gather to invent a perfectly exhilarating night!

The musicians:
Ahmad Compaoré (drums), Pascal Delalée (violin), Christophe Gauthier (tenor & soprano saxophone, flutes), Didier Lévêque (accordion), Marco Quesada (guitars), Jean-Bernard Rière (bass), Magali Rubio (bass clarinet), Patrick Cascino (piano).

The comedians:
Alain Aubin, Marion Coutris, Mona Boutchebak, Maximin Marchand, Grégori Miege, Serge Noyelle, Patrice Pujol, Kalliroï Raouzeou, Noël Vergès.

FEE: 10€

Booking: +33 (0)4 91 75 64 59 / reservation@theatre-nono.com

More info: here

Arènes Municipales, Avenue des Arènes, 13103 Saint-Etienne du Grès.