Musique Rebelle - Round 6

Tower of the Friche, Marseilles - 13th September 2008

A proposal by La Boîte à Musique with the support of Friche la Belle de Mai, SFT and Radio Grenouille.

To celebrate his departure for Tokyo where he will carry out an artistic project with Japanese violinist Tadahiko Yokogawa (computer aided music) as part of his "Hors les Murs" residency of creation (Culturesfrance), Ahmad Compaoré wished to gather fellow musicians and friends for a private set held at the Friche la Belle de Mai.

Ahmad Compaoré (drums, artistic direction), Hervé Samb (guitar), Philippe "Mao" Le Rabo (bass), Raphaël Imbert (sax), Stéphane Mondésir (keyboards), Fred Pichot (sax), Fabien Genais (sax), Lamine Diagne (sax), Julien Lourau (sax), Jean-Marc Montera (guitar), Hassan Tighidet (guitar), Cyril Benhamou (flute), Oumar Kouyaté (voice, kora), Sam Favreau (bass), Jean-Paul Péroz (bass), Yukimi Yamamoto (voice), Sophie Gonthier (guitar, voice), Alain Rageot (voice), Fred Nevchehirlian (spoken word), Ahamada Smis (spoken word), DJ C (DJ set), Annabelle Cateau & Mopti, Samy "Twister" Amdouni (hip hop action painting), Nathalie Garcia-Ramos (video), Ivan Chabanaud (live video)...